What Shaders Do I Use?

Throughout all of my recent videos I have been using the Complementary Shaders Version 4.3.3.
I love the look of the Complementary Shaders paird with the texture pack that I use, you can find below.

Complementary Shaders v4 is a Minecraft Java Edition shader pack based on Capt Tatsu's "BSL Shaders".
The goal of Complementary v4 is being good at everything. Performance, gameplay, beauty, compatibility

How To Install:

- First you need to install either "Optifine" or the "Iris" mod to be able to load shaderpacks. (Choose Iris if you are confused)
- Then you need to launch the game, and get to the Shaderpacks/Shaders menu in Video Settings.
- Open the shaderpacks folder by clicking the button in the menu.
- Download Complementary v4 and put it in the shaderpacks folder. (Please don't unzip the file)
- Get back in the game, and choose Reimagined in the shaderpacks menu. (Refresh the menu if it doesn't appear)


You have to wait 15 seconds.