More about PingBypass

Most Minecraft servers are hosted in the United States Of America, Europe or in Canada. Pingbypass allows you to run your hacked client closer to one of these locations effectively giving you better ping!

Because the game that is connected to the server is not running on your local computer you can disconnect your local computer from the ping bypass server but your game will continue to run on your ping bypass server.

When the queue on is really high this could be used to sit through que overnight or while you go out without leaving your computer running the whole time.

This can also be used to sit through que while you play other games on your computer ping bypass allows you to completely close minecraft on your local computer while still being connected to a server saving your systems resources.
While also giving you better ping!​

Hav0x & some helpful links!

Before we get started I have to give a huge shoutout to Hav0x who helped me with this tutorial. He actually has his own tutorial where he explains a little bit more about each step and what you are actually doing. I have linked his video down below and I’m sure he would appreciate any love sent his way! Hav0x also runs a free pingbypass server that you can request to connect to!

my Video Tutorial.

Linked below is my PingBypass install tutorial.
Watch this video to learn how Pingbypass works, why you should use it, and how to set it up for free.

How to Install Pingbypass.